Intellectual Property Rights

Nothing contained herein shall be construed as granting or conferring any property rights in the Platform or any part thereof to You; therefore, We are not granting to You by means of this Terms of Use, the right to exploit our Intellectual Property (including but not limited to copyright, patent, trademarks, registered marks, trade secrets, and confidential and proprietary information relating thereto). All these rights are expressly reserved by Us and, as a consequence, We will retain all licensed or ownership rights to the Platform, our brands, technology, etc., together with any complete or partial copies thereof.

When You upload any of Your Content to our servers through the Platform, you are recognizing the following:

that We are authorized to administrate, directly or through third parties, Your Content (including the recordings, videos, compositions, artwork, etc.) through the Digital Music Services selected by You, in the entire world and during the duration of our relationship (including section 5.4);

that You own and/or control all rights in and to the Your Content and/or have the full right and ability to upload Your Content and exploit it in the terms described herein;

that Your Content does not infringe the copyrights or any other right, of any third party.

that We are authorised during the Duration of the agreement, to grant to third parties synchronisation licences of Your Content for the entire world.


If any of Your Content use any kind of the so-called “copyleft license” and such content was created or developed by a person (including artists and producers) which is not associated to any Performing Right Organization (such as but not limited to SACEM in France, MCPS in UK, SGAE in Spain, GEMA in Germany, etc.) in any country of the world, upon the compliance of section 4.4 above, then You authorize Us to claim on their behalf, where appropriate, to the Performing Right Organization of each country, any royalties, levies, duties, etc. that Digital Music Services have paid in respect with such content.

You must indicate through the Platform the name of the record label (associated with the phonographic producer) for each release or phonogram that you intend to distribute in any country in the world using the platform (phonographic producer that is associated with any Collective Management Society (CMO), as for example SCPP in France, PPL in the United Kingdom, AGEDI in Spain, CAPIF in Argentina, etc.). In contrast, if any of Your content is distributed using any "Public Label Name" available on the platform, you agree, in accordance with the provisions of section 4.4 above, with the following:

You authorize and facilitates the transmission by you to us and the acquisition by us from you of the following rights: Reproduction Rights, Public Communication Rights, of your contents (sound recordings or music videos) distributed using the platform.

You authorize us to claim in your name, as appropriate, to the Collective Management Society (CMO) of each country, any rights, charges, obligations, etc. that those have collected with respect to said content.


We work very hard and invest extensive resources to avoid automated and fraudulent behaviors. For this reason, we have created a specific Anti-Fraud Policy, that is available in the "Legal" section of your account. When you accept these Terms of Use, you also acknowledge and accept our Anti-Fraud Policy and, therefore, You accept that, among other commitments, You will not, and will not authorize any third party to, directly or indirectly, generate automated, fraudulent, or otherwise invalid playback actions, especially in Digital Music Services.

In this Anti-Fraud Policy we have implemented a 3-strike policy; therefore, please, read carefully such policy as We will be very strict applying it.

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